Tree Planting Services

Planting trees has so many benefits; in the locations we serve, new trees bring life to urban areas throughout London. At Oxleas Tree Care, we are able to plant in even the trickiest of locations. As a professional service of qualified arborists, we are able to advise on which species of trees should prosper in your location. We consider the soil type, the surrounding plants as well as the desired affect you are looking for.

In areas of national beauty such as throughout Kent, there are limitations to which species can be introduced, and it is always worth consulting a professional to avoid any penalties. If you are considering a larger landscaping job, it is imperative to map out the planting work to ensure trees are not planted too close together but still look full and luscious.

We can work with you to decide what will work in the space available. It is really important to consider the long-term health of the prospective tree, and whilst it may be a sapling to begin with, it is important to ensure it has enough space to grow and be healthy. Utilising professional tree planting services, you will benefit from expert advice that can prevent your tree or shrub from growing inconveniently due to close proximity to other roots. This can reduce the risk of poor tree structure and helps encourage even, stable growth and a healthy tree.

Get in touch with a member of our friendly team to discuss Tree Planting London and your needs and we’ll be able to provide a quote!

Oxleas Tree Surgeons are available to provide hedge trimming services in urban and rural areas.

More About Our Tree Planting Services

Oxleas Tree Care will be on-hand to consult and advise. Our expert tree planting services are available in London, Kent, Sevenoaks, Bromley and Lewisham. As a comprehensive and fully equipped Tree Care company, we are able to take care of your project from start to finish, from tree removal to tree planting London. You can combine our tree removal services with our other works, or as a stand-alone service.

We guarantee to always leave a clear site after excavation and our tree planting services. This means you, your family and even your customers won’t have to trudge through soil and just enjoy the benefits of your new plant.

As fully trained arborists, we are also able to plant trees of varying maturity. Mature tree planting is tricky and should always be handled by professionals. It is easy to damage the tree in transit which can affect its long-term health, heavy equipment can also be required, and amateur planting can be dangerous both immediately and in the long term. Of course, we always secure our younger trees and saplings to ensure they grow healthily.

Mature trees are popular at new build sites and when working within the construction industry as they create a more lived-in and flourishing aesthetic. We have plenty of experience working on corporate contracts and are proud to have built long lasting relationships in our area.  If you are looking for tree planting London or in the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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