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Oxleas Tree Care are professional tree surgeons offering services to the residents and businesses of Greenwich, Dartford, Lewisham, South East London and Kent. We provide the specialist tree services needed to maintain the health of the trees on your property. Get in touch today if you have a problem with trees on your property or want to discuss care of a protected tree.

Trees are invaluable to urban landscapes, many of London's established trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders or in zones covered by London Underground interests. This makes it important to use the services of trained and qualified arboricultural specialists when trees on your property require the expert care needed to maintain their health and appearance.
South East London, Kent and all surrounding areas have lots of well-established trees. Some of these have been standing for hundreds of years and may well need specialist arborist care to maintain their health. Long-established trees can present some dangers to property or pedestrians when gales and strong winds occur. Expert tree care can specially curate shade in gardens, parks or business areas, while maintaining the tree's ability to grow and flourish. 

The expert team at Oxleas Tree Care have the knowledge and professionalism to handle any problems you are experiencing with trees on your property. We can cut them down to a more manageable size, or remove them altogether, when appropriate. Our experts handle any tree care task with maximum proficiency to reduce any impacts on your property and all waste will be cleared when the job is finished.

Our teams for tree surgeon Lewisham , tree surgeon Bromley, tree surgeon Sevenoaks , tree surgeon South London and tree surgeon Kent are fully equiped to handle: 

Tree Pruning

The qualified tree surgeons at Oxleas Tree Care offer expert tree pruning , to ensure your tree does not continue to dominate the landscape but still retains a natural appearance. We understand what pruning will be required to maintain tree health, while also retaining a balanced environment. Our arborists have deep knowledge of just how much pruning any species of tree can sustain. If you try to prune your tree yourself, you may cause lasting damage which could even reduce the lifespan of your tree. 

Give us a quick call, or complete the simple contact form on our website and we can visit your property to give you the expert advice needed on the best way to care for your tree and help maintain the safety of your property and other people.

View our Tree Pruning Services pages.

Tree Removal

If a tree is diseased or dead, or perhaps causing problems with subsidence, our arborists will utilise all modern dismantling methods to remove the tree from your property. We also provide tree and site clearance services for the construction or property development sector.

We are also experienced site clearance specialists for the construction industry and property developers.

Stump Grinding

Cutting down any tree leaves an unsightly stump, and our stump grinding services ensure all our customers achieve a level surface desired after tree removal. Once the stump has been ground out, it is possible to lay turf or paving over the area. Give us a quick call to find out more, or read more on our Stump Grinding page.

Tree Planting

Allow our expert tree arborists to advise you on the best trees to plant on your property. We can plant a variety of popular trees to suit the needs of your available space. We supply saplings or more mature trees to enhance landscapes of any kind. Our expert advice can make the difference between a flourishing tree and a sad sapling that will not grow.

Firewood for Sale

All of the seasoned firewood we sell is from sustainable sources collected during our main industry of tree surgery. Using wood as fuel to heat our homes, heat water and to cook with is a natural way of recycling waste product from our industry.
Please call for the latest prices.

Delivery is free within the SE, DA & BR postcodes.

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Additional Services from Oxleas Tree Care

We also offer hedge trimming services within our radius, as well as tree consultancy services for private or business clients. 

If you're looking for firewood and logs in the local area, do not hesitate to give us a call . We recycle all timber produced as a by-product of our tree care services, and offer free delivery on firewood in the SE, DA and BR postcode zones.

Please call for more information and costings or view our Tree Conservation and TPO Services pages.

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