Tree Surgeon Bromley

The tree surgeon Bromley team operating throughout Bromley understand how much your garden and greenery mean to you. We’re a professional, friendly and trusted service happy to work on commercial contracted projects or your private space. Depite being based in Bromley, we also deliver our services across Kent, Sevenoaks and Lewisham

Tree Surgeon Bromley Team For Tricky Jobs

In addition to straight-forward pruning or felling, we are also able to work on the more complex jobs. If you've got a tree on a steep gradient, trees which are close to property or have a job where access is limited, Oxleas' tree surgeon Bromley team have the necessary expertise to carry out your project successfully.

Full Consultation Service On Tree Planting 

Whether you're planning to plant a single tree or are considering an entire copse, making sure that you choose the right varieties and combinations is important. We are able to advise on tree types which are right for your intended purpose as well as provide a tree surgeon Bromley can trust to sort out any problems that may occur. Our team makes sure that every tree we recommend is right for the location you've chosen. We check soil type, aspect, soil depth, and the other types of plants growing in the area and anything else that's necessary to ensure a good choice. Our tree surgeon Bromley team is happy to plant your trees, ensuring each one is carefully embedded at the correct depth.

Local Tree Surgeon Bromley And Chislehurst

We operate a complete solution to your tree surgery Bromley needs, as well as offering clearance services and hedging. In addition to scheduled appointments, we can come out at short notice to deal with trees which are in a perilous or unsafe state. If you've inspected your trees after a storm and have any concerns, just give us a call and we'll be happy to help. We aim to provide every client with a competitively priced tree surgeon Bromley service that's also friendly, professional and obliging.

What Benefits Does Our Skilled Tree Surgeon Bromley Team Bring?

Although many people may be tempted to climb a ladder with a saw and "have a go", pruning is a skilled business which should only be undertaken by professionals who are suitably trained and experienced. Not only is amateur pruning extremely dangerous, but it can also damage the tree. Utilising a skilled arborists operating in the Bromley and Chislehurst areas can have the following advantages:

Results That Look Good And Don't Destabilise The Tree

Amateur pruning can leave the tree lop-sided, increasing the risk that it will begin to lean, or even become uprooted altogether over time. We prune skilfully, leaving the tree balanced and solid.


Our tree surgeon Bromley team are trained to work safely at every stage of the pruning or felling operation. They safeguard not only their own welfare, but also that of people in the adjacent area. Each job is risk-assessed and appropriate action taken to reduce the likelihood of injury or damage.

Putting The Tree First

Like any other plant, trees need care and attention in order to thrive. Pruning traumatises the tree; we make sure that it is done as sensitively and carefully as possible, minimising shock. We also offer advice and assistance with tree health, helping it to recover after work has been done.

Spotting Ancillary Problems

In some cases, pruning can reveal symptoms of tree disease or other issues that need attention. As experienced tree professionals, Oxleas Tree Care in Bromley are able to identify what the problems might be and offer cost-effective answers which can restore your tree to top condition.

We Never Fell Unnecessarily

Our aim is always to save a tree if possible, as they are such an environmental asset. Using our skills and knowledge, we are often able to restore trees to health, even if they have significant damage or disease.

The Right Equipment To Get The Job Done Properly

Our tree surgeon Bromley team use state-of-the-art tools and technology to give you the high-grade results you deserve.

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