Tree Consultants London

Tree Consultants London deal with very different requirements and situations than those in rural areas. Trees in urban locations such as London, South London and the sub-urban areas of Kent have different requirements and considerations when evaluating their health and the best course of action. Oxleas tree consultants London are available for both private clients and business contracts on a rolling basis. This means you can keep your properties maintained and your landscapes full of healthy trees that do not pose any threats to passers-by or your customers, as we will provide regular analysis and health checks of your trees.

Tree consultant services will provide advice and recommendations from expert arborists. We recommend anyone looking to buy, or invest in a property, or looking to begin any kind of development project, tree consultant services can offer the peace of mind to futureproof your space.

Tree consultants London can save you money in the long run by providing unbiased, third party advice. Get in touch with one of our fully qualified and professional arborists who will be glad to help you understand your property!

Oxleas Tree Consultancy Services

All tree care should be conducted by professionals, but this is particularly true of consultancy and assessment. Our tree surgeons and consultants have a working understanding of species and environmental factors. We are the best option for understanding your properties in London, Kent, Bromley and beyond.

Oxleas Tree Care work in partnership with a respected Independent consultant with many years of experience both as tree surgeon and as a tree consultant London. Consultants are level 3 qualified, have 10 years combined experience in tree hazard assessment, tree subsidence issues, professional tree inspection and quantifiable tree risk assessment.

Our working partnership means we provide a comprehensivetree care service, including the very best tree consultant London has to offer. Our accredited tree consultants London have £1m professional indemnity insurance, alongside Oxleas own £5m public liability for public spaces.

Tree Consultants London Service:

  • Preliminary tree inspections with a TPO application or Conservation Area
  • Larger surveys, consultancy advice and site meetings
  • Mortgage reports
  • Tree mapping

A professional tree survey is imperative information for private or public landscapes. It will help establish the health and condition of all trees on the property for owners to decide how to move forward and fully understand the options of the designated landscaped area.

A survey will can plot trees on computer generated map and will include tree tagging, species, height, average radial crown spread, age class, vitality, structural condition plus recommendations and priority rating for tree works. A check to establish if any planning conditions or TPO’s exist on any of the trees will be carried out.

Councils, Housing Associations and Property Management companies that maintain estates with trees present must fully discharge their duty of care to the public and its staff and ensure compliance with current legislation (The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Occupiers Liability Act 1957/84). These organisations must be able to demonstrate that it has a system in place for inspecting and recording its trees (Chapman VS Barking and Dagenham), such as our tree consultants London service.

We are available on a contractual basis for property management or development companies, just get in touch with us, today!

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