Tree Stump Removal

There are several options for removing a tree stump and stump grinding is the most efficient, and often the most cost-effective method to get rid of any unsightly or hazardous reminders of a long-gone tree.

If the reason you are having a tree removed is to make new use of the space, it’s inconvenient to leave a stump behind. Stump grinding creates a leveled surface and eliminates any unattractive and protruding trunks. Our stump grinding services will ensure that the land is level and ready for practical and new usages. Following an effective tree stump removal, utilising the grinding method, the area can be turfed or paved.

If you are looking for stump grinding services for your business or before breaking ground on a building project, Oxleas Tree Surgeons are available for commercial contracts as well as domestic tree surgery throughout Bromley, Lewisham, Sevenoaks and beyond. Find out how to remove a tree stump below.

Why Choose To Grind Your Stump?

Stump grinding is an incredibly effective method for long-term tree stump removal. The grinding process separates the roots of the tree whereas other methods of removal or tree felling still has the potential to reshoot and regrow. This means all tree stumps can still begin to regrow, despite being cut down.

Our team here at Oxleas Tree Care are fully qualified and understand the health and safety requirements of every job, we are the best option for removing unsightly and inconvenient tree stumps on your property. As experienced, qualified professionals that utilise the best tools to deliver the results you want, we will also be able to advise on the process and will always liaise with you throughout the job.

It is important that tree stump grinding is handled by professionals. It is one of the most important aspects of tree maintenance as it can affect the health of the surrounding plants. In fact, tree stumps attract pests and diseases that can become an environmental concern. At Oxleas Tree Care, all of our surgeons are qualified arborists and will advise on the best route for the overall health and prosperity of your land.

Stump grinding is also an incredibly eco-friendly method for tree stump removal as it requires no chemicals. As an added bonus, the stump grinding process is really quick and with Oxleas Tree Care you are always guaranteed to be left with a neat and tidy job site.

How To Remove A Tree Stump?

Our professional tree surgeons will first evaluate the landscape in which the stump is situated and acquire further information about the tree, for example, whether it’s hard or softwood and the diameter of the stump. Once we have implemented all appropriate safety guards to protect the surrounding area, the grinding process can begin.

Our equipment will then essentially chip or grate the large stump away. Due to the design of the grinders, we are able to grind into the ground which is what creates a flat surface area that can be re-paved or re-turfed.

Digging Out Tree Stumps 

Depending on the situation of the stump and the information about the tree, we may implement an alternative method to stump grinding; digging out tree stumps. When our team proceed with digging out tree stumps, we will begin by digging around the roots to expose them, moving around the circumference of the stump until all of the roots around the tree have been exposed. From here, as part of the procedure for digging out tree stumps, we will then cut up and pull out the roots to remove as much of the root system as we can. We will then remove the stump and chop up the wood that remains and finally, we will fill in the hole.

To get a quick quote or to discuss if grinding is the best option for your tree stump removal, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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