Frequently Asked Questions 

1.    Where Do You Serve?

Here at Oxleas Tree Care, we serve the whole of Kent and South London. If you live in the surrounding areas, get in touch with us and we are more than likely to be able to help and travel to your location. 

Regardless of the services that you require; tree consultancy, tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, tree planting, hedge trimming or any of our additional services, we will travel to your specific location.

2.    What To Do When A Tree Is Compromising Your Property

If a tree is compromising your property, get in touch with our team and we will discuss the best service to help you. In the meantime, speak to your neighbour and try and reach an agreement with them as to what should be done with the tree. Additionally, speak to your local council who will advise you on how to deal with the situation.

3.    What To Do When A Tree Has A TPO (Tree Protection Order)

A tree protection order (TPO) means that a tree must be protected and preserved for the enjoyment of the public, for the environment and for aesthetic purposes. 

For further information and advice regarding protected tress that are on your land, contact the Land Charges Register, which is held by your Local Authority Panning Department.

4.    Can You Work On Commercial Or Housing Development Projects?

Here at Oxleas, our team are happy to work on commercial and housing development projects. Contact us to find out more information and how we can help.

5.    What Is The Difference Between Tree Removal & Stump Grinding?

Tree removal involves the entire tree being removed, all the way down to the roots. There are a number of reasons why tree removal is the appropriate procedure for your tree:

-      If It Has Been Severely Damaged By The Weather

-      If It Is Showing Signs Of Decay

-      If It Is Becoming An Obstruction

-      If The Roots Have Started To Uplift Turfing

-      If It Is Leaning Dangerously

Stump grinding on the other hand is usually used when a tree is removed to make use of the space. Our services will ensure that any unattractive trunks are levelled, so the space can be used for its new purpose, such as being turfed or paved.

6.    Are Oxleas Available On A Contractual Basis?

Yes. At Oxleas, we’re able to take care of both domestic and commercial tree surgery issues and we work on a contractual basis. Whether you need a long-term or a short-term contract, get in touch with our team to discuss the finer details and to book our services.

7.    Do Mature Trees Require More Care?

Despite mature trees requiring different care that younger trees, they still need to be watered, pruned and assistance in preventing disease. They are also more sensitive to their surroundings and take longer to grow than younger trees. Mature trees need protection, as if they get damaged or have large pruning wounds, they are more vulnerable to disease and the wood will take longer to regrow.

8.    When Should I Have Tree Work Done?

Tree pruning, tree removal, tree consultancy, stump grinding, tree planting and hedge trimming all require different maintenance and care. Therefore, there isn’t a specific time allocated to every job. Get in touch with our team to find out if you require our services.

9.    Will I Need To Get Permission For You To Work On A Protected Tree?

If work needs to be carried out on a tree with TPO, you need to get permission from the Local Planning Authority. For this, you need to apply around eight weeks in advance.

Even if the work is simple pruning of a fruit tree, you will still need permission.

10.    How Are Quotes Worked Out?

Our team at Oxleas will conduct a survey after an initial consultation to calculate a quote for the work you need completed. All our quotes are free, and every customer will receive free advice and written quotes.

11.    What Happens With Tree Chippings & Logs?

Regardless of where the job is, when our team have finished either removing the tree or stump grinding, we will leave everything exactly as we found it. If there are any excess logs or chippings left over, we will clear them away and remove them ourselves, so you don’t have to worry!

If you would like any firewood, we offer free delivery for certain locations and we recycle all the timber that is produced.

12.    What Does Your Insurance Cover?

Our team are fully insured with public liability up to £5m and they’re all financially covered by employer’s liability.

13.    What Are Oxleas Environmental Policies? 

Here at Oxleas, we always respect our environment and strive to be as eco-friendly as we possibly can. With this in mind, we promise our customers that we will always clear debris from the site at the end of the job.

If you would like firewood and you’re in the local area, you can purchase it from us. We offer free delivery in specific postcode areas and as part of our tree care services, we recycle all timber produced.

14.    My Tree Is Hard To Reach - Can You Help?

Our team have years of experience, so no job is too big or small for us. Regardless of where your tree situated or if it’s hard to reach, we can help. Simply get in touch with our team and will arrange a consultation and provide you with a quote.

15.     Can Oxleas Work On My Tree Out Of Business Hours? 

Yes, we can. Give us a call and we will discuss times and conduct a free on-site visit and quote for you.

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