Tree Surgeon Lewisham

The Oxleas Tree Care Team operating in Lewisham, Kent, Bromley and Sevenoaks are well acquainted with dealing with the mature trees and impressive number of hedges in the area. As a well-established visual part of the community, the Oxleas tree surgeon Lewisham team will always strive to maintain the health and sustain the growth of all the trees in the area, never felling unnecessarily.

We have a professional, well-trained tree surgeon Lewisham team of experienced arborists who operate in line with safety guidelines and in coordination with business and home owners.

Why Choose Our Tree Surgeon Lewisham Team?

If you've got trees on your property, chances are you more or less expect them to take care of themselves. Due to their longevity they are particularly prone to developing conditions that take some time to cause significant, visible damage. Once it becomes apparent that there is a problem, it may often be too late for remedial action and the tree will have to be felled. If you want to keep your trees in good health for as long as possible, regular inspection from our tree surgeon Lewisham team is vital, particularly in the mature trees frequently found in the Lewisham area. We suggest you look out for:

  • Dead branches
  • Leaves which have partially changed colour; have unusual spots or stripes; have dead patches, aren't the same as the leaves on the rest of the tree
  • Branches which are growing at an odd angle, overhanging a road or fragile structure, partially split; dead or dying
  • Bark which has parasitic growths, splits, or a patch which looks different to the rest of the tree
  • Trunk: is it split? Is it leaning to one side? Are roots exposed? Does the trunk have any parasitic adhesions?

Trees are best inspected a couple of times a year, as well as after a heavy storm when there is a greater risk of damage and/or instability. If you spot anything amiss or your tree doesn’t seem quite right, we recommend giving us a call to discuss your problem. As the tree surgeon Lewisham team residents depend on, we will be happy to come out and give you a consultation. If problems are caught early enough, we can usually come up with a solution that saves the tree!

Pruning Tree Surgeon Lewisham

Pruning can often be a positive option for the tree, encouraging fresh growth and removing less healthy tree limbs that could be prone to rot or disease. We are the tree surgeon Lewisham businesses and households call on when they want sustainable tree management.

When you call our tree surgeon Lewisham team for pruning services, we work with you to ensure you get what you want from a cut back. We’re happy to liaise and ensure the tree is pruned to allow more light to flood your home, clear branches that are overhanging an exterior structure or at risk of falling on a roof, to improve it’s shape and aesthetic appeal and in a way that will strengthen the regrowth.

Tree Surgeon Lewisham Team Remove Old Stumps

Something our tree surgeon Lewisham team get asked to do quite frequently is to remove old stumps which have been left when trees have been felled. Removing a stump is a laborious task, but essential if you wish to have smooth ground for a building project or an installation of some sort. Along with more general clearance work, our stump removal and tree surgeon Lewisham service can help to free up land for your next project.

Hedge Trimming & Consultancy Services By Our Tree Surgeon Lewisham Team

Depending on the type of hedge, our tree trimming services can be just the thing to restore it to top condition. Hedges composed of larger bushes, or small trees, need attention from experienced arborists who are able to trim in a way that minimises trauma to the plants at the same time as achieving a neat, manageable end result.

We are able to work on a variety of hedges, transforming them into attractive yet functional boundaries.

Get in touch to find out more about what our tree surgeon Lewisham service can offer when it comes to skilled tree surgery and management.

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